• kwanzaa P


Updated: Aug 2

Kwanzaa P has released 6 new amazing singles in 2020 an 2021 sense releasing her album Winning The Battle The Resurrection in 2019. The R&B Gospel Singer/Song latest singles are Struggle, Life, For Me, Save Me Lord, Don't Wantta Do Wrong. Kwanzaa P also has released three new videos to her latest singles, Kwanzaa P was born an brought up in the city of brotherly loved Philadelphia. Kwanzaa P is a mother of two boys Michael Jr, Ahmed Married to husband Michael, Kwanzaa P grew up on R&B soul music all her life, Kwanzaa P enjoyed singing music as a child, An Even More now, Kwanzaa P hopes to touch lives an help many people get to know Christ Jesus Who are unaware of who god is truly. Kwanzaa P hopes to draw people closer to god by spreading her testimony on how god has changed her life for the better. Kwanzaa P hopes to touch hearts through her music in become a positive example & role model for the youth community in the near future.

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